Road Tours

Our 4×4 Off-Road trips are carefully planned nature-adventures in 4X4 vehicles that not only transport our travelers between destinations, but are able enable them to reach hidden treasures which they couldn’t in an ordinary vehicle.We offer a number of diverse destinations, awe-inspiring scenic routes, quality 4x4s with powerful two-way radios through which each passenger can listen to information about the world outside.

We design our trips to be convenient and comfortable, with an itinerary that leaves room to breathe – to visit preferred sites, villages, lakes, rivers, peaks, canyons – or to just be! At Blue Label Club we plan the tours so as to provide everything necessary in order to make the duration of your trip as pleasant as possible, and to create an experience that you won’t forget. But be prepared for more than you might expect, we will do our best to surprise you and to take you beyond what our program promises.

Please note that all cruises and tours are offered for small groups or private and are customizable
and can be tailored made according to the customer’s needs.


Nature–Picturesque villages. The Greece we love. Excursions into picturesque villages, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Excursive activities that both children and adults will love and which shall bring us closer to the natural environment, history, and traditions of our land.


Activities that bring us closer to nature. Canoeing, canyoning, caving, climbing, hiking, hill walking, hunting, kayaking, and rafting.


Local tastes and flavours. Quality products representing the richness of tastes and flavours, the peculiarities, history and identity of each region.


An exploration of our cultural heritage. Folk culture from the oldest of times to the present day. Customs and mores, the traditional arts and crafts, and the traditional culture of the land.


A custom made 4×4 Off-Road trip. Explore Karpenisi – Evritania, Agrafa. The ultimate destination for 4×4 & SUVs. Stunning mountains and rivers that challenge you for adventure, stone-built villages and monasteries with history. From the peaks of mounts Kaliakouda and Chelidon to Kremastas Lake to the unseen parts of Agrafa where you can spend the night in a traditional wooden cabin in the woods.


Blue Label Club specializes in daily cruises and Land Tours for families with babies and toddlers.

At Blue Label Club we value and understand the importance of safety for families travelling with babies and toddlers. We offer costumed made cruises and land tours taking all safety measures and providing all necessary equipment for your little ones to travel with safety and comfort and share with you the experience of a unique excursion.


Explore the picturesque villages of north Evia. Take a tour through the town of Loutra Edipsou an old spa town, Kerasia village with its petrified forest and the Drymona Waterfalls. The waterfalls lie on the river Sepia in a lush wooded valley near the villages Kerasia and Drymona in Northwest Evia. The tallest of the waterfalls has 15 meters and drops down to a pool of stunning, turquoise and crystal clear water. Limni is undoubtedly the most picturesque village in North Evia and attracts visitors with its narrow streets, traditional houses and greenery from the mountain. The Limni is a city built on the sea and makes you feel like you are on an island.